Thursday, November 11

Fall Birthday Cards


Well, I am venturing into greeting cards! Ha or maybe homemade cards is more appropriate...

What mother doesn't "love" colored construction papered traces of our little itty bitty hands at Thanksgiving, or pink and red hearts at Valentines day, and even Christmas tree cutouts from green felt with glued on beads that threaten to fall off. What is great about mom(s), is that she will act like she won the lotto each time she opens a handcrafted card or when we present her with that school days project. Nothing makes a kids heart happy more than when they get a huge grin from mom, and a hug with the words of "I am so proud of you."

But.... I am no longer a kid with my 'play clothes' on, I am an adult striving to make it in this world. I love the concept of unique birthday and holiday cards. And my technology and skills have developed from scissors and construction paper, to computer and print design. *Sigh of relief* no more glue, paper and felt. Although, available upon request if you so wish. And I still get the pat on the back from mom whenever she sees something I have created. So here are a couple cards done this fall for those I love.

And thanks mom, for being my number one fan.



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