Tuesday, November 9

And I'm Free Falling

Every September I tell myself, as well as Tracy and even the hairy chillins, that THIS fall is going to be the BEST fall. And by the time autumn has transitioned into snowstorms, frost and cloudy days, I am disappointed with the outcome.

But, I have no complaints this year. The leaves have fallen so prettily, our walks are accompanied by beds of orange, red, purple and brilliant green with a satisfying *crunch* at every step. We were scary at Halloween, celebrated birthdays - Tracy turned 25, handpicked our family of pumpkins at Greenbluff, our local pumpkin patch. We strolled through Spokane markets to find fresh cider and discovered homemade pumpkin doughnuts. Tracy and I even made caramel apples and managed to eat only two out of our batch of ten. 

Fall has always been my favorite season. It is not over yet, there will be mini bonfires with rum and cider drinks, friends and family game nights, crisp daily walks with Ruka and Bowser and time left to simply enjoy a couple more weeks, before the colors of autumn are swept free.

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Kate said...

so nice to hear that you had a fabulous fall! it was a gorgeous one! Love the pictures and your halloween costumes!

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